July 30, 2014

Eric Lee - a Good Samaritan in Landover, Maryland

Eric Lee
On July 25, 2014, at about 2:30 p.m., a 12 year old girl and her 8 year old brother were waiting to cross a local road in Landover, Maryland, to meet up with their father. 

They were approached by Michael McLong, age 25. He told the girl he was a police officer and tried to grab her by the arm and drag her to the back of a nearby shopping center.  

At that time, Eric Lee who works at a nearby apartment complex, was driving on his way to the shopping center to pick up some supplies needed at work when he saw McLong and the kids. He felt something was fishy and stopped the car and asked the kids if everything was okay.  The little girl asked for help and Eric got out of his vehicle. Both kids were crying and hollering. 

Eric asked McLong what he was doing and McLong repeated that he was a police officer.  Eric asked to see McLong's police badge.  McLong, of course, refused and Eric then told McLong to back away from the kids.  At that point, McLong ran. 
The Good Samaritan reaches
out to strangers in need
The children's father showed up at the scene and Eric was able to call 911. 

Michael McLong was apprehended by the police shortly thereafter. 

The Police describe Eric Lee as a Good Samaritan and a hero.  He interceded to prevent an abduction which may have lead to a sexual assault or murder.

Eric says that he didn't do anything spectacular.  He just did what he would hope others would do for his family in a similar situation.  He said that God put him in the right place at the right time. 

Eric is a Good Samaritan. 

God bless him and all who come to the aid of strangers. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

this good man is humble, but i know for a fact he could use a vechile. at this time he has none this would be agood deed for him if you know of any organization willing to give this deserving young man a vechile please do