June 18, 2014

Jamison Koczan - A Good Samaritan in Florida

On June 16, 2014, Jamison Koczan came to the aid of a stranger, in Winter Park, Orange County, Florida. 

Jamison Koczan (L);  Robert Potchen (R)
A woman and her husband had attended a therapy session and the man, Robert Potchen, was not happy with what went on at the session. He has been involved in a sexual battery case which is unresolved.

This man and woman were in a parking lot when Robert Potchen attacked the woman, trying to choke her. She screamed numerous times "Help me!"

Jamison Koczan works nearby and when he heard the screams he rushed outside to offer aid. He intervened despite the fact that Robert Potchen was pointing a gun at anyone who came near him.

Jamison led the woman into a nearby building and to safety, despite the fact that Robert Potchen was following them and managed to break the glass door to the building. The woman cowered in a back office.

Jamison Koczan was in fear of his life. So is everyone who confronts an out of control man with a gun in his hands. Guns kill people.

Robert Potchen left the scene and later surrendered to the Winter Park Police
The Good Samaritan comes to
the aid of strangers, selflessly.

Advice to Robert Potchen's wife: Get a restraining order and a divorce. Run, don't walk away from this marriage and this man. Your marriage has gone south and is toxic. When a man holds a gun to your head, no amount of therapy will help. It's game over.

Robert Potchen is facing several charges, including robbery with a firearm, kidnapping and battery.

Jamison Koczan said that he is no hero; he was just trying to help a woman in distress. She was someone's mother, someone's daughter.

Jamison Koczan is a Good Samaritan and a modern day hero. 

Heroes are those men and women who step up to the plate in times of emergency and intervene regardless of their own safety.

God bless men like Jamison Koczan. We need more men like him. Amen.

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