April 9, 2014

John Harvard - a 5 year old killed by a pit bull dog in Alabama

John Harvard
John Harvard, age 5, of Riverside, Alabama, died on April 6, 2014, at a nearby hospital.

John was playing outside his home between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. when a neighbor's pit bull dog, which was running at large, attacked the boy.

John's brother, Bradley, age 9, tried to fight off the dog and then ran to get their father for help. The father shot at the dog several times, grazing its ears.

The attacking dog weighs between 80 and 100 pounds and as of this date is being
a Pit Bull
held in an animal shelter.

Riverside is a town in St. Clair County, in northern Alabama. The town has no law requiring dogs to be leashed.

Firstly, the dog in question should be put down without question.  Secondly, the Town of Riverside needs to re-examine the entire issue of a leash law in its jurisdiction. Thirdly, Riverside should ban pit bulls and related dog breeds from within the town limits.

Pit bulls are vicious and unpredictable dogs. They were bred 200 years ago for bull baiting, bear baiting and dog fighting. They were never intended to be family pets. They have proven that they can kill people both young and old. Many towns and cities do not allow pit bulls and related breeds within their jurisdictions.

Death by dog is not acceptable in a civilized country.

John is survived by many loving family members and well-wishers, who will forever mourn him.

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and gone the next.

We know that John is playing in the fields of Heaven.

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