March 1, 2014

Jesus Delgado - a Good Samaritan in Los Angeles

Jesus Delgado
On February 26, 2014, two young boys, Brendan O'Brien, age 6, and Grady O'Brien, age 4, were walking home from school in the Westchester area of Los Angeles.

They were in the custody of their nanny. Suddenly a man approached on the sidewalk ranting about being a member of the CIA. He punched the nanny in the face and grabbed the younger boy, Grady, saying he was the father.

Brendan, the 6 year old, screamed for help as did the nanny.

Jesus Delgado works as a grill cook at T2 Tacos in Westchester. He heard the screams for help and darted out of the taco stand kitchen. He bolted across multiple lanes of traffic on a busy thoroughfare to chase the would-be kidnapper down. 

Jesus Delgado grabbed the boy, and held the abductor down until the Police arrived. 

He told the Police that he reacted instinctively because he has a daughter who is
The Good Samaritan comes
to the aid of strangers,
Grady's age. Witnesses said that there were about 100 people standing around when the abduction took place but Jesus Delgado was the only one who did anything.

Tom O'Brien, the boys' father, hugged and thanked Jesus Delgado and gave him a donation towards his daughter's medical expenses. She has heart problems.

God bless Jesus Delgado.  He is a Good Samaritan.

God knows we need more men in this world like Jesus Delgado, who come to the aid of strangers.

Pray for the health of his daughter. 

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