January 6, 2014

We have N.I.T.S. in our hair - Nasty Internet Trolls

A few days ago we published a blog post about a Canadian woman who was tragically murdered in a foreign country.

We asked for justice for her in finding her murderer.  

We prayed that she was in Heaven and that she was with God.  

A N.I.T. (Nasty Internet Troll) wrote to us stating that we had published a great deal of wrong information regarding this woman's tragic death; and that a family member that we had stated was deceased was in fact alive.  The N.I.T. basically said in a roundabout way that we should go **** ourselves. 

We removed our blog post about this poor woman because we are unsure of the accuracy of the information that we found on the Internet. 

The information published here comes from many newspaper reports and similar Internet sources available to us at the time of posting.  

We do not personally know the people mentioned herein who have been tragically killed in war; or who have been murdered by way of domestic violence; or killed by robbers and thieves in parking lots and convenience stores, or killed by drunk or hit and run drivers; or law enforcement officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty.  

We do this blog as a memorial to those who have fallen unjustly or tragically, and seek justice for them in this world or at least Heaven in the next. 

If incorrect information is presented here, then contacting us to correct it would be the appropriate thing to do instead of being snotty, nasty-ass and mean-spirited. 

What does this cold and vindictive approach achieve for the unjustly dead? 

We are all temporarily in this world together.  Let's try to make it work. 

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