January 22, 2014

Michael Cooper - A potential drunk driver is on the loose in Nova Scotia

Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper, age 55, was convicted in 2007 in Nova Scotia, Canada, of impaired driving causing the deaths of two young people from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 

He caused the deaths on May 14, 2004, of Angela Smits, age 19, and her boyfriend, Michael MacLean, age 20. Cooper had spent hours drinking at a bar in St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia, and began driving home when he crossed the centre line of the highway and collided with Michael MacLean’s car, killing the young couple at the scene. They died and this dude lived. 

Michael Cooper was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison along with a 99-year ban on driving and including a prohibition on drinking for two years after his release.

But at hearings with the Parole Board of Canada, Cooper said he would not stop drinking and driving. He exhibits no remorse over causing the deaths of Angela Smits and Michael MacLean. 

Michael MacLean and Angela Smits
He was denied an early release from prison by the Parole Board but he has completed his full sentence and has been released. 

Police in Nova Scotia have warned all Nova Scotia residents to be on the lookout for this man who may, as it pleases him, get plastered and then crash into you and kill you.  

Angels of God, pray for Angela Smits and
for Michael MacLean and for all victims
of drunk drivers
Liquor stores, beer vendors, hotels, restaurants and others have been warned to be on the watch for this moron in the event he comes in looking to get pissed up. 

If Nova Scotia was Louisiana, Alabama or some other southern State, Michael Cooper would have gone to prison for 140 years.  He would never have seen the light of day and no one would ever have to worry about his drunk driving again.  

However, he is in Canada and he is free.  

He is also a s.o.b. who puts his addictions before the well being of all others including teenagers just starting out in life.  He is 55 years old and has learned nothing of the value of human life. 

God save us from the drunk drivers.  They are killing us, Father.  

God save us from the Lost Ones, who bring death to strangers. 

Jesus, Mary, all saints and all angels pray for us.  Amen. 

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Anonymous said...

This is one of Michael's brothers; I just wanted to say first & foremost, we as a family carry very heavy in our hearts the accidental killing of Angela Smit & Michael MacLean and the most horrific heart break their families endure. That may not mean much to some people, but it has to be said repeatedly as it is true for us. It's understandable the families would work tirelessly to safeguard this from happening again and honoring their love ones. Their lose is immeasurable, we can't pretent to understand. Unfortunately, we too feel extremely baffled by our brother's behavior and are at a complete lose as to how to support his 'rehab' - assuming that's possible. While in prison counselling was never made available to him, even though be advocated relentlessly for it. Our mother wants nothing more than for the victim's families to know she & my dad didn't raise a monster and that she has the deepest sorrow for their lose.