January 20, 2014

Kelly Boren - deadly domestic violence in Utah

Kelly Boren, age 32, died on January 16, 2014, at her home in Spanish Forks, Utah.

Kelly was murdered by her husband, Joshua Boren, age 34.

Also murdered were:

Jaden Boren, age 7, their son
Haley Boren, age 5, their daughter
Marie King, age 55, her mother

And then Joshua Boren turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. 

Jaden, Joshua, Haley and Kelly 
Joshua was a police officer with the Lindon Police Department, Utah. 

Joshua Boren had been employed at the Lindon Police Department since October of 2013 on their small force, which has about 15 uniformed officers and patrols a city of about 10,000.

The couple had been going through marital problems for the past few months. Co-workers said that Joshua Boren appeared, on the surface, to be calm and not under undue stress. The police had never been called to their home for a domestic violence complaint.

Kelly Boren is described as a sweet, funny woman who was dedicated to her family.
Saint Bernadette of Lourdes,
pray for Kelly, Jaden, Haley and
She had a contagious smile and was a good person at every level. 

Family members and friends of Joshua Boren said that he was a decent guy, who was gentle and likeable. 

Appearances are deeply deceiving. Looking in the eyes of your children and then killing them is not the act of a gentle man.

Men who are experiencing marital troubles, i.e. divorce, child support issues, child custody issues and emotional issues of a destructive nature need to speak to a family member or a friend or a church official or preferably to a health care professional.  

Talk about your problems and ask for help and for guidance! 

Seek help if you feel you are losing it.

Do not kill the woman you vowed to love.

Do not kill the children of your own body.

God save us from those who said they love us and then kill us.  Amen. 

Pray that that Kelly, Jaden, Haley and Marie are in Heaven. Pray that they are at peace and are with God. Amen.

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