January 11, 2014

Four British "care givers" convicted of Elder Abuse - Carole Anne Moore, Katie Cairns, Gemma Pearson and Darren Smith

Four employees at a nursing home in Slyne-with Hest, Lancaster, England, were convicted in November of 2013, of elder abuse. 

They were all employees at the Hillcroft Nursing Home.  The abuse occurred between May of 2010 and September of 2011. 

Carole Anne Moore, age 54, was sentenced to 4 months in jail;
Katie Cairns, age 27, was sentenced to 5 months in jail;
Gemma Pearson, age 28, was sentenced to 12 months "community order" and 40 hours of unpaid work;
Darren Smith, age 35, was sentenced to 8 months in jail

These four trolls had variously - slapped patients, pelted dementia patients with beanbags and balls, dragged people out of their beds, tipped people out of their wheelchairs, stomped on patient's feet, blew in patient's ears to agitate them and generally mocked the patients, all of whom had Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. 
Gemma Pearson (L); Katie Cairns (mid); Carole Moore (R)
The patients were unable to communicate properly or to understand what was going on and and couldn't report the abuse. 

Darren Smith
These trolls were bored and ticked off with their jobs and took it out on the inmates of this nursing home.  It has been reported that the Management knew about the abuse but covered it up. 

It was only after a whistleblower repeatedly contacted the Care Quality Commission that social services were eventually contacted and the police launched an investigation.

These patients were not beaten but they were tormented at the whim of a bunch of nasty freaks who were wrongly entrusted with the care of the helpless.  

Alzheimer's Disease can happen to any of us or to any of our loved ones.  We shudder to think of this type of heartless behaviour directed at ourselves or our loved ones, who perhaps would be unable, because of the disease, to even tell us of the abuse. 

Pray for all who are victims of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.  

God save us from those who torment the sick and the dying.  Amen

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