December 20, 2013

Joshua Silverman - U.S. Military

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joshua B. Silverman, age 35, of Scottsdale, Arizona, died on December 17, 2013, in Now Bahar, Afghanistan.

Joshua was in a helicopter which crashed. Six U.S. soldiers died in this tragedy. The incident is under investigation. The helicopter crashed and then was attacked by enemy insurgents.

Joshua was assigned to the 3rd Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas.

Josh attended the Solomon Schechter Day School in St. Louis, Missouri, and then Parkway Central High School. He was of the Jewish Faith. 

Josh had travelled to Israel in his teenage years. 

Friends said that he followed his own path.  He wasn't concerned with what was cool.
Angels of God, pray for Joshua
He did his own thing. 

Friends describe Josh as upbeat, kind, caring, adventurous, humorous and pleasant to others. 

Joshua is survived by many loving friends and relatives.

Thank you for serving, Joshua.

Pray without ceasing unto God for an end to this war in Afghanistan. It is enough. We are sick with grief for men like Joshua. He would not have died in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan if there was no war in Afghanistan. God give us peace.

Pray that Joshua is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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