December 2, 2013

John Zivcic - Law Enforcement - Ontario

Constable John Zivcic, age 34, died on December 2, 2012, at a hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

John was a member of the Toronto Police Department. He was a traffic officer for 22 Division. He had seven years of service.

On November 30, 2013, John was responding to an emergency call when his cruiser collided with another car on a city street and then slammed into a tree. John suffered serious head injuries.

John was taken to a local hospital where he remained until he passed away on December 2. The other driver suffered minor injuries.

Police officials stated that John died in the line of duty, doing his job, responding to an
Michael, Archangel, Patron
Saint of the Police, pray
for John
emergency call and trying to keep the public safe.

His comrades are in mourning over his passing.

John is described as a dedicated and hard-working officer.

John is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members, who will forever miss him.

Pray for all who die in the line of duty.

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and gone the next.

Pray that John is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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