September 10, 2013

Manuel Auge - a Good Samaritan from Germany

Manuel Auge (L) and Thomas Murphy (R)
Manuel Auge, a young man from Germany, two years ago, donated bone marrow cells to save an American's life.

Thomas Murphy of Burr Ridge, a suburb of Chicago, was the recipient of the bone marrow.

The bone marrow transplant cured Thomas of a blood disorder called MDS that otherwise would have been fatal.

Manuel Auge and Thomas Murphy met for the first time on September 8, 2013, at the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center in Maywood, Illinois.

MDS is a blood disorder. It's name in full is myelodysplastic syndrome. MDS causes
The Good Samaritan comes to
the aid of strangers, selflessly. 
immature blood cells to accumulate in the bone marrow, leading to a shortage of mature blood cells. Mature blood cells that are made also can be defective.

To kill the defective cells, Thomas Murphy received high-dose chemotherapy and whole-body radiation. He then received healthy new blood-forming stem cells that came from Manuel Auge’s bone marrow.

Thomas Murphy is hugely grateful to Manuel Auge. He says that Manuel saved his life. 

Manuel is a physics student in Tullmenau, Germany. 

Manuel stated:  "If you could save the life of a person, I think you should do it. It gives you a good feeling."

Manuel is a Good Samaritan. God knows we need more men like Manuel in this world.

God bless Manuel. Amen.

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