August 21, 2013

Toxic Gas Attacks by the Syrian Government on the Citizens of Syria

100 or more Syrians reportedly died on August 21, 2013, in the Damascus suburb of Jesreen. 

Gas attack victims in a Damascus suburb
Some reports state that it is 200 dead, some reports state that is 1300 dead.

It is alleged that Government forces launched a deadly gas attack on this district. Reportedly, many children were gassed while sleeping in their beds. 

The Syrian Government has denied this. They always do. 

Co-incidentally, during this alleged attack, a 20-member UN chemical weapons team is in Syria to investigate three sites where chemical weapons attacks had allegedly occurred in the past. Syrian rebels state that the U.N. inquiry is a joke. The United Nations does nothing and Bashar Al-Assad does exactly what he wants to do, which is to maintain power.

The Monster and the
Bashar Al-Assad, the
Dictator of Syria
Dictator of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, is still in power. He has stolen $6 Billion and deposited it in foreign banks and particularly in Russia. He has plans to escape from Syria if he ever starts to lose power and if he fears for his life and the life of his extended family, who rule Syria. He could run off to any small country in the world, who would give him political asylum. When you have $6 Billion to contribute to the local economy, many countries would welcome you, even if you are a dog.

The Rebels who oppose Bashar Al-Assad may be equally as bad. Many of them are hard core Islamic fundamentalists who hold religious and political and social viewpoints that many other Syrians do not agree with. These rebels want to hold the power in Syria.

So.... you go from one bunch of freaks to another. Everyone in Syria wants to be in control. 

Weep for Syria. 

God help Syria. Amen.

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