August 21, 2013

Graham Buck - a Good Samaritan in Hove, England

Graham Buck, age 51, is a Good Samaritan. 

On August 13, 2013, he came to the rescue of an infant in Hove Park, in Hove, England. 

Graham is a home care worker. He was in the Park and at the Pavilion Tea House when he came upon a serious issue. A three month old baby boy had gone limp and lifeless and had gone blue.  The mother was crying out for help. 

The father of the child was holding the baby upside down but that wasn’t working so Graham snatched the baby, laid him down, and tried to get a finger in his mouth, but the baby was so small it was practically impossible. He tilted the child's head back and started the CPR process. 

The Good Samaritan comes
to the aid of others, selflessly. 
This went on for several minutes before another woman offered to help with the resuscitation. They took it in turns for another minute before the boy showed signs of life.

After another minute the baby coughed and then started crying and colour came back to its face. And then the paramedics arrived.

Thank you Graham for helping this child.  God bless you. 

We need more men like Graham who come to the aid of others selflessly.  They are the Good Samaritans. 

Oddly enough, another Good Samaritan, named Graham Buck has been previously mentioned on this website, tragically. 

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