December 15, 2012

Wayne Beck - a Good Samaritan in Arkansas

Question:  Are there honest men
in this world?
Answer:  Yes there are
Don Ellis, the owner of an antique shop in Alma, Arkansas, went shopping recently in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with a money bag full of cash. 

When he got back, the money bag was missing. 

Wayne Beck, of River Valley, found a bag of $1,100 and some checks on a highway exit ramp in Alma, Arkansas and returned every cent to Don Ellis, the owner. 

Don Ellis was overwhelmed at the honesty of Wayne and he gave him $100 of the cash as a thank you.

Wayne Beck knew keeping the cash was not an option. He said that getting it back to it's rightful owner was the right thing to do. His wife agreed. 

Finding money and then deciding what to do with it is always a test of honesty and integrity. And Wayne Beck passed the test. 

Wayne is an honest man and a gentleman.  God bless Wayne Beck of River Valley, Arkansas.  God bless his family. 

Ask God to send us more honest men like Wayne. God knows we need them. Amen.

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