December 12, 2012

Guy Turcotte - Quebec Murderer - will be released after 3 years

Guy Turcotte, age 39, a Quebec murderer, will soon be released into the public domain after killing his 2 children - Anne-Sophie, age 3, and Olivier, age 5. 
Guy Turcotte - admitted
killer of children

He killed his children in 2009 and in Canada you can get away with this. He was declared innocent by reason of insanity in a trial. 

Now...he says his anger and anxiety are under control and his Canadian "care-givers" have decided that this dude should be released to the public. 

Guy Turcotte is a doctor (a cardiologist). This man is not dense. He is highly educated...But not educated enough to know that we don't kill our own children. 

Guy will continue to see a psychotherapist. He cannot have contact with his former wife, the mother of his dead children. 

Unless there is a change in circumstances, his case will not be reviewed for another year.
Annie-Sophie and Olivier - murdered by
their own father

Guy Turcotte has stated that he would like to live a normal life. No doubt, so would his children, if their father had not slit their throats.

The release of this man into the populace is a total miscarriage of justice. A man who looks into the faces of his own son and daughter and then slits their throats, is a mental case. He should never be released from custody and should remain in a mental institution until death.  

Pray that Annie-Sophie and Olivier
are playing in the fields of heaven. 
And he is released in 3 years? All cured? Everything is just fine? What kind of bullshit is this?

If Quebec was Alabama, this dude would have been sentenced to 140 years of imprisonment, which is what this man really deserves. He would never walk the streets in the U.S.A. But he can walk the streets of 


God save us from the parents who give us birth and then kill us. Amen. 

Let us pray that Anne-Sophie (age 3) and Olivier (age 5) are playing in the fields of Heaven. Let us pray that they are at peace and are with God. Amen.

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