September 27, 2012

Six month old girl - died in the car from the heat - Florida

Rosalyn Ramos, age 6 months, died on September 25, 2012, in Miami, Florida. 

Light a candle for Rosalyn.
Light her way to Heaven. 
Her father, Lazaro Ramos, was driving Rosalyn to daycare and his other children to their school. 

Lazaro Ramos dropped off his older children at their school and then drove to work.  He forgot that Rosalyn  was in the back seat and that he was supposed to drop her off at the daycare.  

Taking care of Rosalyn was not part of his normal morning routine. 

Rosalyn died in this car.
But no one looked in the back seat?
Rosalyn spent about 9 hours strapped into her car seat in the back of a vehicle that could have reached 150 degrees F. within an hour. She was discovered when Lazaro Ramos picked up his son at school. When Rosalyn was discovered, her father, Lazaro, collapsed in shock. 

Rosalyn was rushed to a local hospital but was pronounced dead. 

Rosalyn is survived by many loving family members. 

Hurry/Hurry in the 21st Century
This was a tragic accident.  It has yet to be determined if criminal negligence is a factor.  This vehicle is small and it is hard to imagine leaving it and then re-entering it hours later and not seeing what is happening in the back seat. 

This tragedy is a sign of our times - people rushing, working, floundering, harried and hurried and harassed, with no time to even look around them for 1 minute. People look but they do not see. 

God save us from this Age. 

Pray for Rosalyn.  Pray that she is in God's hands. Amen. 

Pray for the Ramos family - that time will heal them from this tragic accident.  Amen.  

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