September 22, 2012

Image of Jesus changed into a Monkey

Cecilia says - Pay up... I did a lot
of painting here. 
Elias Garcia Martinez did a fresco of Christ more than a century ago in a church in Borja, Spain. He was born in 1858 and died in 1934. 

Over time, this fresco became damaged and it was repaired by an 80 year old woman, Mrs. Cecilia Gimenez,  in 2012.

Because this repair was so bizarre and so ruinous, it became a popular tourist attraction. 

Now Cecilia wants a share of the royalties of the visitors to this church, and wants any money made from the re-painting to go towards Muscular atrophy charities, because her son suffers from the condition. 

We don't think so Cecilia... It is tragic that a work of art was ruined.  It really wasn't about attracting attention for your son's medical condition.  It was about preserving art. 

Left - Original - Middle - erroded over time - Right - Monkey Jesus painted
by Cecelia
God save us from people who step outside of the bounds of what they are capable of.  Including politicians and world leaders. Amen.

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