August 8, 2012

60,000 years of evolution and what has happened?

I was watching a documentary on PBS yesterday, called "The War", which is about World War II.  

This documentary has 7 episodes and is lengthy and comprehensive. I have only seen the first 3 programs.  I am looking forward to seeing the rest. 

This documentary focuses on the personal experiences of people during the War - the soldiers and their families back home. It is well worth watching and is personal and touching. 

Click here for a link to "The War". 

During this program, this photo was presented. 

It is the photo of 3 dead American soldiers lying on the beach of Buna, in Papua, New Guinea.  This photo was taken by George Strock in February of 1943 but was not published until September of 1943 because the War Information censors did not want Americans to see dead soldiers. When it was feared by the Government that the American populace was growing weary of the war, this photo was released to steam them up. 

When I was watching this TV program, a wave of despair came over me.  I am weary of this horseshit and of these deaths.  It goes on forever.  

I am tired of humanity.  Seemingly, there will always be one more asshole dictator, one more off-shoot political party, one more disturbed genocidal killer in charge, one more off the wall religious sect, one more fanatical terrorist cell, and one more corrupt and greedy government, stealing away not only the money of their citizens but also their lives.

God help us all.  Amen.

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