August 27, 2012

17 Party-goers murdered by Taliban in Afghanistan

On August 27, 2012, 17 civilian villagers were found murdered in the Musa Qala district of southern Helmand Province, Afghanistan. 

A photo from 2001 in Kabul when the Taliban was in power.
A woman dared to expose her face in a public market and was
beaten by this man who belonged to the Taliban
Government Dept. called the Promotion of Virtue and the
Prevention of Vice - No doubt the same dudes who
murdered these 17 villagers for dancing.  Look at the girl
in the lower right of this photo - she is seeing her future. 
Apparently this area is under control of the Taliban. It is not under the control of the legitimate Afghan government and doesn't seem to be under the control of NATO forces either. 

15 men and 2 women were having a party. Nematullah Khan, the Musa Qala district chief, confirmed that the villagers had organised a party with music, and a local official said he suspected that the two women had been dancing. Secret parties with dancing women from a gypsy-type tribe are common across southern Afghanistan.

The local Taliban's potential response to news of a party involves these options:

Option A:  Ignore it - who cares? 
Option B - Let's go to the party and have some fun. 
Option C - Let's murder everyone at the party.  They are having too much fun. 
Father, why do these
Taliban shit-heads continue to
bring destruction to this
country and still kill our troops?

And guess what option the Taliban chose?  Option C. 

Some news reports said that the 17 people involved were beheaded; other reports said they had their throats slit. In any case, they are all needlessly dead.

The Taliban does not approve of music and dancing among men and women who are not related. End of story. If you do it, you can die, if they catch you. 

A Taliban attack shortly thereafter also killed 10 Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint in an area nearby. These men were fellow Afghans who were sons, brothers, husbands and fathers. These 10 Afghan men are stone cold dead. The Taliban kill their own people. 

God save Afghanistan from the Taliban freaks. Amen

God save us from the terrorists.  Amen

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