July 16, 2012

Valentine Webber, Diana Webber, Rachel Webber, Petra Frehse

Valentine Webber and Rachel
Webber, age 17.
On July 12, 2012, a landslide of mud, water and debris descended a mountain slope in southern British Columbia, Canada.

At least three homes were overwhelmed in the hamlet of Johnsons Landing.

The Missing were Valentine Webber, (age 60); his daughter, Diana (age 21); his daughter, Rachel (age 17); and Petra Frehse (age 64), who is a neighbour to the Webbers.
Diana Webber, age 21

Tragically, all are deceased. 

The bodies of Valentine Webber and one daughter have been retrieved. The others are buried in 30 feet of mud and debris. 

Lynn Migdal, the mother of the two missing girls and the ex-wife of missing Valentine Webber, arrived in British Columbia shortly after the incident. She works as a chiropractor and practises holistic medicine in Florida.

Over the years, the two young women basically spent their summers in British Columbia with their father and the winters in Florida with their mother. 

Jesus, pray for Valentine, Diana, Rachel and Petra.
Pray for Lynn who has lost her family. 
Diana and Rachel are described as cosmopolitan young women who loved to travel. Diana had spent last winter in Los Angeles trying out as a screenwriter. Rachel had just completed her Grade 11 at the nearby High School in Kaslo, B.C. which was her first year at a high school outside of Florida.

Valentine Webber is described as a longtime sailor who travelled the world working on different boats. He had many tales of his adventures to tell local residents. 

Petra Frehse, age 64, is a German retiree, who began coming to Johnsons Landing more than a decade ago with her now-deceased husband Juergen. They would spend about 6 months a year at Johnsons Landing and then return to Germany for the rest of the year. When her husband passed away 5 years ago, Petra kept coming to Johnsons Landing. Petra is described as a pleasant woman who kept to herself.

Pray for those who die while sitting at the breakfast table, chatting and are then swept away by the forces of nature. They die too suddenly. 

Pray that Valentine Webber is with God. Amen.

Pray that Diana Webber is with God. Amen.

Pray that Rachel Webber is with God. Amen.

Pray that Petra Frehse is with God. Amen.

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