July 2, 2012

Paul Mikeal

Lt. Col. Paul Mikeal, age 42, of Mooresville, North Carolina, died on July 1, 2012, in South Dakota.

Paul was a member of the 145th Airlift Wing of the National Guard based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Paul and 5 other members of his crew were flying a C-130 firefighting tanker aircraft, fighting a wildfire in the Black Hills of southwest South Dakota. They were dropping fire retardant, when the aircraft crashed. 

Paul was killed in the crash. 

Light a candle for Paul.
Light his way to Heaven.
Paul entered the Air Force after college as a commissioned officer in 1991. He attended the University of North Carolina - Charlotte, where he met his wife. 

Paul was a veteran pilot who had served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was with the North Carolina Air National Guard for more than 10 years.

Family members describe Paul as a family man who enjoyed spending time with his wife and children. He and his wife were married for 20 years. They also stated that Paul had a passion for flying. 

Paul is survived by many loving friends and relatives including his wife, Marlo and their 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son. 

Pray for all who die in the performance of their duties. 

Let us pray that Paul Mikeal is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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