June 26, 2012

Looking at the faces of those killed in War

Every time we do a post to this blog, about a deceased soldier, we look at their faces and ...we weep. 
Weeping for the
men who died
in War yesterday
and who will die tomorrow

These men are young and handsome and dead. 

Every death in War is a tragedy of unspeakable proportions. It is painful beyond description. 

Father, see our tears.
Give us peace. 
God gives us free will to do the right thing but we do the wrong thing. God wants us to step up and to be honest, and true and to act like human beings instead of like Neanderthals.  He wants Eden again, but we refuse to do it. 

We continue to slaughter our own kind. We are like guppies who eat their own young.  We do War.  We don't do Peace. Every day, thousands of people die in conflict or as a result of conflict.  

Pray unceasingly unto God for peace.  Ask God for mercy. 

Ask Jesus to pray to his Father for peace. 

Ask the angels and the saints to pray to the Father for justice. Amen. 

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