June 21, 2012

Brandy Cerny - Texas

Brandy Cerny, age 28, died on or about June 19, 2012, in El Campo, Texas, in a domestic family dispute. 

Also killed in this incident were her two children, Jaydin Thompson (age 6) and 1 year old Davian Bluntson.

The suspected murderer of this woman and her sons is the husband - Desmond Bluntson (age 36), who is in custody and who will be charged with capital murder(s). He is alleged to have killed his wife, his stepson, Jaydin and his own son, Davian.

Family members describe Brandy as a compassionate and hard-working woman who had earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and was pursuing a master's degree.

It was also stated that she worked tirelessly as a single mother to give her sons every opportunity this world had to offer.

Family members also emphatically stated that Brandy was in the process of breaking free from her abusive and violent husband. She just didn't break free soon enough. They stated that their hearts are broken forever by her death and the death of her children. 
Father, place Brandy and Jaydin and Darian
on the stairway to Heaven.  

Friends stated that Brandy was a bright, beautiful woman, and the boys were both absolutely delightful.

Brandy Cerny and her sons were last seen in church Sunday in El Campo. Relatives said that Davian loved playing and exploring, and described Jaydin as being just like his mother.

Family members stated that Jaydin always had an arm around someone, especially his mom and little brother, and he was always laughing and smiling and loving life.

Desmond Bluntson
Brandy Cerny and Jaydin and Darian are survived by many loving friends and relatives including Brandy's father and many others who loved them. 

God save us from abusive and psychotic husbands and fathers. They loved us once but then they kill us. How a man can can look at a 7 year old and a 1 year old in the face and then shoot them is beyond comprehension. 

It was stated above that Jaydin, the older boy, always had his arm around another.  Did he place his arm around his step-father, seeking love and instead got a bullet? 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph pray for us.  Pray for sanity and pray for real love from fathers to sons.  God help us all. 

Let us pray that Brandy Cerny is in heaven, and that she is holding the hands of Jaydin and Davian. Let us pray that she and her sons are at peace and are with God. Amen.

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