June 30, 2012

Bashar Al-Assad - the Murderer of Syria

Bashar Al-Assad, the
serial killer with a
Government job. 
The United Nations has determined that a peace process for the turmoil and death in Syria should include a transitional government, that would include members of the current government and the opposition.

This peace initiative will go nowhere as the U.S.A. says that Al-Assad has to leave Syria. 

Russia, says "Duh? What's the issue with Bashar?" What's the problem? He's just fine." 

In the past year or so, 14,000 Syrians have been killed by the Henchmen of Bashar Al-Assad.

Syria - day after day.  No one intercedes.
In the past week, images were posted to the Internet of old men and old women and infant children shot in the head by other Syrians who either support Bashar Al-Assad or who are in his employ and are paid to murder.  

How do these henchmen live with themselves after they have put a bullet in the head of a child or slit the throats of old women and infants? 

Al-Assad says that he is fighting terrorism. How are infants and 70 year olds terrorists? 
Jesus, ask your Father
for mercy for Syria

This freak has reportedly already sent off $6 billion U.S. to Russia that he has stolen from the Syrian people. This is his "nest egg" in case the shit really hits the fan and he has to escape from Syria. 

Jesus, pray that he leaves Syria. Every day that he remains in power, means needless deaths of innocents.

God help us. Do not abandon us to Dictators who kill us.

Jesus, Mary and all saints and all angels pray for peace in Syria. 

Pray for the liberation of Syria. Amen.

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