April 26, 2012

Michael McCloskey

American Soldier Michael McCloskey, age 26, of of Beverly in Burlington County, New Jersey, died over a year ago, on March 6, 2011, in Eagle River, Alaska. 
Michael McCloskey

He died playing a game of Russian Roulette, which is the act of placing one bullet in the chamber of a revolver, spinning the chamber, placing the gun to your head or body and firing the gun and taking your chances. 

Michael died from a wound to his abdomen. His best friend, Jacob Brouch, who was then 27 years old, is currently undergoing trial for manslaughter in Alaska for contributing to Michael's death. It has been stated by the Prosecution that Jacob Brouch handed his friend the bullet and the revolver and twice demonstrated how to play Russian roulette. 

The two men were blind drunk at 2:00 a.m., after going on a 36 hour drinking binge. 
Jacob Brouch

Michael McCloskey graduated from Palmyra High School in New Jersey. He joined the Army in 2002 and also served at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He had completed two tours of duty in Iraq. 

Michael is survived by many loving friends and relatives.

In the face of so many men and women dying in actual military conflict, it is disturbing to see that a foolish and random and drunken act, resulted in the death of one man and criminal charges placed against another.

Angels of God, pray for Michael
Their families have suffered and will suffer forever. There is something terribly tragic about this incident. 

Pray that Michael McCloskey is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.


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Sanctuary of Mary said...

Jacob Brouch was acquitted of manslaughter in April of 2012.