April 9, 2012

Angels are with us

In 1994, a 3 year old boy and his mother were involved in a car accident on a highway near Sacramento in California. 
Angels of God, pray for us

The boy's name is Nick Skubish and his mother's name is Christine Skubish. 

The car plunged off the highway and wound up at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment. The roof was torn off.   Christine was killed upon impact.  She may have fallen asleep at the wheel but this is not determined. 

Nick spent 5 days in the car, next to his mother's body, before he was found and rescued. He was suffering from dehydration and hypothermia and had turned blue when a deputy found him. 

Angels of God, watch over us
It is debatable whether a 3 year old can have real memories.  But I remember having measles at age 3 and lying in bed in the dark and seeing the lighted dial from a floor model radio my family had at that time. In those days, when you had measles you were kept in the dark for fear that your eyes would be damaged.  You can have memories at age 3. 

Nick, who is now about 21 years old, remembers seeing the image of a being, without form, and surrounded by light standing back from the wrecked automobile, watching. 

Nick has stated that he remembers tumbling and tumbling down the hill and smashing into tree after tree, and hitting them head on. He remembers waking up and being in the passenger seat next to his mother.  He thought his mother was asleep.  

He then remembers seeing lights.  There was something next to the car the entire time, next to his mother. He says that he has a very distinct and vivid memory of this in his head.  It was a big light and it had a silhouette but no specific features, only the outlined form of a being.  He didn't feel afraid. 

These many years later, Nick says that this form must have been an angel or God's hand or a mother looking out for her son.  He doesn't know what it was but he says that it was something greater than him or anything that he has ever believed. 

Light a candle for Christine Skubish.
Light her way to Heaven. 
Angels may come as watchers, as messengers, as guides, as guardians and to lead the deceased to the after-life. 

Pray for Nick who has lost his mother. Amen

Pray for all who die in violent accidents. They are with us one day and gone the next.  Amen

Angels of God pray for us.  Amen.


Anonymous said...

may i inquire who wrote this story? do you know the nick skubish mentioned in it?

Sanctuary of Mary said...

Please direct questions to the email address under "contact us" on the Home Page.

Anonymous said...

I beleive this story. It was documented on " Unsolved Mysteries" by Robert Stack years ago. I beleived it then...and now!
Something like this same experience happened to my husband in December 1957. My husband was
rescued by an old man and woman along a lonely road (highway 70) in Marion, NC. about 1 am as he was on his way home from making a job delivery. Indeed, God works in mysterious ways!