March 26, 2012

Money for War and nothing else

Do we have money for medical
research?  No. 
A couple of days ago, I published a blog post about a soldier, age 39, who had died of a brain tumour.

Today, I published blog posts about a volunteer firefighter, age 38, who had died of a brain tumour and also regarding a police officer, age 31, who died of a brain tumour.

These posts were coincidental and not planned.  

Do we have money for food
production research?  No.
I knew a woman in my home town who died of a brain tumour 5 years ago. She was at a family barbecue in July when she felt dizzy and nauseated. She was dead by September of that year.

Brain tumours happen frequently and seemingly most often in the young.

What is required is medical research and funding for medical research to combat brain tumours and all forms of cancer.

Do we have money for
Deep Impact research?  No.
I have said this before and I will say it forever - Let's stop the wars and the conflicts and pull together to find a cure for the real issues, which are not political and religious issues, but are issues about disease, over-population, global-warming, destructive climate changes, and feeding the planet's populace.

Do we have money for climate
change research?  No.
A paltry sum is spent yearly funding research into the trajectories of asteroids and comets and other celestial bodies that may collide with Earth. Look at the surface of the moon and you will see thousands of craters from impacts of these celestial bodies in the moon's past history. The Earth is subject to the possibility of these same impacts and has been subjected to these collisions numerous times in the past. But we let amateur astronomers and unpaid volunteers monitor the skies for the potentiality of a "deep impact" or an "Armageddon" scenario, that would wipe us all out. Apparently, we don't have the money to fund astrological monitoring of the skies. 

Trillions and trillions of dollars are spent on armies and the military and war-related issues yearly by all of the world's governments. A trillion is a million "million dollars". 

Do we have money for this?  Yes - shit-loads of money
Seemingly, there is not much money for anything else.

God help us. Jesus, Mary and all saints and all angels pray for us. Save us from the warring Governments of this world. Amen

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