March 23, 2012

Hal Neukirch Jr.

Pfc Hal L. Neukirch, Jr., age 39, died on March 22, 2012, of a brain tumour, in El Dorado, Kansas. 

Hal was born Jan. 17, 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska. He had lived in El Dorado since 1976 and graduated with the Class of 1991 from the El Dorado High School. He also attended Butler County Community College and Wichita State University. At present he was serving his country in the United States Army. He served one tour of duty in Afghanistan before returning to Ft Hood, Texas. 

While deployed to Afghanistan, Hal served as a personal security officer. It was in Afghanistan that it was discovered that Hal had a brain tumour. 
Jesus, pray for Hal.

Friends describe Hal as a man of faith. 

Hal is survived by many loving friends and relatives including his parents Hal and Rita Neukirch; sister, Tiffany; and his wife, Pamela. 

Hal will be forever missed by his loved ones. 

Let us pray that the Governments of this world redirect the trillions of dollars spent every year on war and military conflict into medical research with a view to finding a cure for brain cancer and all cancers. 

God help us. 

Let us pray to God the Father, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Hal Neukirch Jr. is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen

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