March 16, 2012

12 Turkish Soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Twelve Turkish soldiers died on March 16, 2012, near Kabul, Afghanistan, when their helicopter crashed into a house. 

As of this posting, the names of these men have not been released by the Turkish military.

Pray for these Turkish soldiers. Pray that they are with God. Pray for their families who have lost their loved ones. Amen. 

The helicopter had a malfunction and crashed while trying to make an emergency landing and the pilot tried to avoid houses, but landed on one, reportedly killing four Afghans, including two women and two children. 

Pray for an end
to the deaths.
God help us. The Afghans can't even sit quietly in their own homes without the specter of death hanging over them, night and day. They live in a country where the deaths of innocents are ubiquitous. These people were not insurgents. They were not Al-Qaeda. They were not the Taliban. They were just people sleeping or listening to the radio or cooking supper. 

Pray for the Afghan victims of this helicopter crash. Amen.

Let us pray, without ceasing unto God, for an end to this conflict. Amen

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