February 24, 2012

Canadian Banks - Rip-off Artists on A.T.M. fees

My bankers
It has been stated that all bankers are thieves. Instead of being dressed in a mask when they rob you, they are dressed in a suit and tie.  

Banks and money lenders are necessary.  No one would be able to buy a home unless they got a mortgage. No one would be able to buy a vehicle unless they got a loan. 

What stinks is that banks, world-wide, including Canada and the U.S.A., over-charge for services in order to maximize their profits. 

I am a Canadian, so I will talk about Canadian banking institutions.  Canada's big five banks made a record combined profit of $6.1 billion in the three months ended in November of 2011, with the full-year profits for 2011 at $22.4 billion, a sharp rise over the previous year.

The full-year combined result in 2010 was $19.5 billion.  So in 2011, banks in Canada made 15 percent more in profits.  Do you know anyone who received a 15 percent raise in salary in 2011?  Not me.  I know of people who were just lucky to hold onto their jobs. 

This $22.4 billion dollar profit for banks was in Canada which is about 1/10th of the size of the U.S.A.  You can imagine what American banks made in profit. 

Canadian banks price gouge on Automated Teller transactions.  I deal with a local credit union in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  This credit union does not have a branch in the district in which I live.  There is no credit union in my district at all. 

Therefore, to get cash, I go to an ATM machine at a local drug store, which is run by a chartered bank to which I don't belong.  This bank charges me $1.50 per transaction, which is justifiable.  This chartered bank is the institution which is paying for an ATM machine, paying for the rental of the space at the drug store, paying for the security service which is filling the machine with cash and is even paying for the ink that prints my transaction receipt. 

HOWEVER....my own Credit Union charges me an additional $2.00 for every transaction I do at this A.T.M. machine to cover "administrative costs" at their end. Yah right.  

So...every ATM transaction I do, costs me $3.50.  This fee is the same whether I take out $100.00 or $300.00.

This is unmitigated greed on the part of my credit union.  They do nothing to enable this transaction (except release your own money to you by way of a computerized program) and want more money in charges than the bank which is actually dispensing the money. 
Anonymous - Expect Us

It doesn't take Albert Einstein to figure out that this is all just a money-grab.  

Maybe it is time that "Anonymous" and other social justice groups started looking at Canadian Banks (and American Banks as well), with a view to determining what can be done to stop this blatant thievery by these corporations.

God save us from the greedy sons of b****** in this world.  They would steal the teeth out of your mouth and charge you for the pliers to do it with.  Amen

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