January 21, 2012

Svilen Simeonov (Taner Mehmedov Uzonov)

French Soldier, Sergeant Svilen Simeonov, age 34, died on January 20, 2012, at a military base in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan.

A renegade Afghan soldier shot dead four French unarmed troops participating with the Afghans in a sporting event. Another 15 French soldiers were wounded. The attacker was arrested. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Svilen was born in Rakovski, Bulgaria, near Razgrad. His Muslim name is Taner Mehmedov Uzonov.  He changed his name to Svilen Simeonov before he joined the Foreign Legion in 2001.
God the Father, place
Svilen on the stairway to
Military officials describe him as strongly motivated and committed. 

He had previously served in French Guiana, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti and once before in Afghanistan. He was killed just days before he was due to return home. 

Svilen is survived by many loving friends and relatives including his mother and father and his wife and young son. 

Let us pray to God the Father that Svilen Simeonov is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen

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