December 7, 2011

Victims in Afghanistan

This is the face of shock,
of loss and of despair.
God help this man. 
I came across an image in my local newspaper today which made me sick.  It was an image of pain in the face of an Afghani man.  This was not pain from a wound.  It was pain from shock and loss. 

On December 6, 2011, a suicide bomber blew himself up along with almost 60 Afghani Shia citizens outside a Shia Shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan. More than 160 others were wounded.

The body of a woman, clutching a dead child in each arm, was sprawled along a dirt road littered with shoes, bloodstained clothing, hats and body parts after the blast.

Jesus, pray for us all
Outside a hospital in Kabul, a man sobbing with other relatives cried out "Mother! My mother!"

The Taliban denied involvement in the attack, which was reminiscent of the wave of sectarian bloodshed that shook Iraq during the height of the war there. Suspicion centred on militant groups based in Pakistan where Sunni attacks on minority Shiites are common.

Until now, the decade-long Afghan war has largely been spared sectarian violence, where civilians are targeted simply for their membership in a particular religious group. This attack suggests that at least some militant groups may have shifted tactics, taking aim at ethnic minorities such as the Hazara tribe who are largely Shiite and who support the Afghan government and its Western partners.

So...if the Afghani Taliban suicide bombers won't blow up their people, the Pakistani suicidal freaks are more than willing to do it for them. 

God help us all.  Jesus pray for the state of the world. Amen. 

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