October 14, 2011

Names of some family members omitted from these blogs....

The other day we received an email from a woman who was appalled, upset and disgusted that the name of the mother of one of the deceased soldiers mentioned in these blogs was not stated in the posting about his death. 

She is an aunt to one of these poor men who were killed in war. 

She did not say thanks for the prayers posted for her nephew. What she did say was: 

"I have never heard of an obituary that didn't mention the name of the mother.....He must be turning over in his grave."

Firstly, we will state that this is NOT an obituary website. This is a prayer site. Obituaries can often be found at the funeral home of the deceased, if the name of the funeral home is known.

Secondly, this blog is compiled by researching government information sites, military information sites, newspaper articles and radio and television websites. 

If information naming the loved ones of the deceased is not available at the time that we publish these blogs, there is no way that we can state the names of wives, children, mothers, fathers and siblings. We cannot go back over the names of thousands of deceased soldiers, police officers and firefighters and redo research to look for the names of family members. Unfortunately, the volume of deaths is too high.

We apologize if a loved one's name is omitted, but it is not intentional. 

Pray for all who are mentioned here.

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