April 28, 2010

Christopher D. Worrell

Please pray for Staff Sgt. Christopher D. Worrell, age 35, of Virginia Beach, who died on April 22, 2010, in Baghdad of injuries suffered in a non-combatant related incident. 

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Christopher Worrell is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

Raymond Pacleb

Let us pray for a Hawaii Army National Guard Soldier who died while serving in Iraq. Private First Class Raymond Pacleb died in Baghdad of a non-combat related accident. He was 31 years old. 

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Raymond Pacleb is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

James R. Patton

Staff Sgt. James R. Patton, 23, died from injuries sustained when the helicopter he was in crashed during a combat operation in Tikrit, Iraq.

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that James R. Patton is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

April 26, 2010

Emil Kapaun... Servant of God

Emil Joseph Kapaun (April 20, 1916 – May 23, 1951) was a Roman Catholic priest and United States Army chaplain who died in the Korean War. The Roman Catholic Church has declared him a Servant of God and he is a candidate for sainthood.

The following is a general narrative from the many reports of Fr. Kapaun's ordeal as a prisoner of war given by many repatriated American soldiers after their release from prison camps. He was most remembered for his great humility, bravery, his constancy, his love and kindness and solicitude for his fellow prisoners. "He was their hero... their admired and beloved "padre." He kept up the G.I.'s morale, and most of all, allowed a lot of men to become good Catholics."

Reports received noted that Fr. Kapaun's feet had become badly frozen, but that he continued to administer to the sick and wounded. He continuously went out under heavy mortar and shelling to rescue wounded and dying soldiers at personal risk of being captured or killed.

Many accounts were given as to the many creature comforts he provided the many of his comrades of the 8th Cavalry Regiment during imprisonment. They were both spiritual and physical. He provided endless hours of prayer and what nourishment he could find to all he could to keep them from starving to death.

Fr. Kapaun, weakened as months passed on, managed to lead Easter sunrise service on Sunday, March 25, 1951. He was so weak that the prison guards took him to the hospital where he died of pneumonia on May 23, 1951. Fr. Kapaun received a citation for the Distinguished Service Cross.

A detailed account of Fr. Kapaun's life is recounted in Fr. Arthur Tonne's Chaplain Kapaun: Patriot Priest of the Korean Conflict. The author writes:

"In a very definite sense, we are all beneficiaries from the life of Fr. Kapaun. He has left us a stirring example of devotion to duty. He has passed on to us a spirit of tolerance and understanding. He has given us a share of dauntless bravery — of body and soul. He has transmitted to every one of us a new appreciation of America, and a keener, more realistic understanding of our country's greatest enemy — godlessness, now stalking the world in the form of communism. He has bequeathed a picture of Christ-like life. What Fr. Kapaun willed to us cannot be contained in memorials, however costly or beautiful. It is a treasure for the human soul — the spirit of one who loved and served God and man — even unto death."

A number of people have prayed to Fr. Kapaun and have asked him to intercede with God for us. Many of these prayers have been answered.  Perhaps Fr. Kapaun is a saint? 

Sgt. Jason Anthony Santora

Sgt. Jason Anthony Santora, age 25, from from Farmingville, New York, died in Afghanistan on April 23, 2010.

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Jason Santora is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

Army Sgt. Ronald Alan Kubik

Army Sgt. Ronald Alan Kubik, age 21, from New Jersey, died in Afghanistan on April 23, 2010.

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Ronald Kubik is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

April 24, 2010

Sgt. Robert J. Barrett

Sgt. Robert J. Barrett, age 20, of Fall River, Massachusetts, died April 19, 2010, in Kabul, Afghanistan, of injuries sustained when a suicide bomber attacked his unit. 

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Robert Barrett, is in heaven.  Let us pray that he is at peace and is with God.  Amen. 

Sgt. Michael Ingram Jr.

Sgt. Michael Ingram, Jr., 23, was killed April 17, 2010, when an improvised explosive device detonated while he was on patrol with his unit in the province of Kandahar in Afghanistan. He was from Ohio.

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Michael Ingram, Jr., is in heaven. Let us pray that he is at peace and with God. Amen

April 22, 2010

Nato apologized Wednesday, April 21, 2010, for shooting to death four unarmed Afghan civilians this week in Khost Province and acknowledged that it had wrongly described two of the victims as “known insurgents.”

The shootings on Monday evening were the latest occasion in which Afghan civilians had been killed by military convoys at NATO or American checkpoints, or in bungled Special Operations raids.

In the shooting on Monday, a NATO convoy opened fire on a Toyota carrying four men returning home about 6 p.m. in a rural district near the border with Pakistan. Local Afghan officials said the four men were civilians and included a police officer and a 12-year-old boy.

We kill 12 year old boys due to errors?   God help us all. 

April 21, 2010

Rifleman Aaron Lincoln

Rifleman Aaron Lincoln [Source: MoD]

Let us pray for Rifleman Aaron Lincoln, age 18, from the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles, England, who died on April 2, 2010, after he was wounded by small arms fire during a routine patrol in Basra in southern Iraq.
Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Aaron Lincoln is in heaven. 

Let us pray that he is with God and that he is at peace. Amen.  

Randolph A. Segley

Regarding:  Randolph A. Segley, age 28, born in Kentucky, died April 18, 2010 in Afghanistan

Let us pray to God, Jesus, all of the saints and all of the angels that Randolph Segley is in heaven. 

Let us pray that he is with God and that he is at peace.


April 19, 2010

Andy Whitfield

Please pray for the talented Australian actor, Andy Whitfield, age 36, who was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.  He has a wife and children. 

Please pray that he is cured of this disease.

Thank you - Diana (Portland, Oregon)

My name is Paul and I am from Connecticut. My age is 57. I pray to be healed completely. Body, mind and soul. In May of this year I had prostate surgery due to cancer but have never completely recovered. Though the tests came back cancer free after the surgery, physical and psychological symptoms continue. May the Blessed Mother intercede on my behalf. May God bless us all.
Also please pray for Christina of New Britain, Connecticut, a wonderful 22 year old woman, who recently graduated from Dental Hygienists school and is now licensed to practice as a dental hygenist in her state. She has overcome a lot of adversity in the last few years including the death of her father and could really use your prayers. May the Blessed Mother intervene on her behalf to help Christina secure the right full time position in her field. Thank you for all your prayers on Christina's behalf. God bless.

Thank you - Paul (Connecticut)

I would like Kim in Virginia who is 41 years old and my niece to be prayed for. She is battling cancer and has such faith in the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother. She didn't get good news with her last brain scan and I need so many prayers for her. Please Blessed Mother help us. Give Kim to your Son Jesus for a complete healing. We love you.

Thank you - Auntie Helen (Massachusetts)

Please Pray for Jonathan, age 25, in Colorado. He is a lost soul battling many demons internally and the love I gave was not enough. I still love him, but believe it is up to him to get through this alone. Its in Gods hands. Please pray for him. I love him so much.

Thank you - (Name not stated) (U.S.A.)

April 14, 2010

Let us pray for the latest Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan.  His name is Pte. Tyler William Todd. He was 26 years old. 
God help all men who die in defense of freedom. 

Thank you - Greg (Winnipeg)

April 12, 2010

My name is Nishant. I am from Bhubaneswar, India. Me and my family are in great problem. For some reason we burrowed money from peoples. But we are unable to return them on time. For which they are threatening us and we are unable sleep quietly. We are in a great tension. We don't know what to do. Please help us. Please pray to Mother Mary for those people so that they will be understand our problem, and react calmly. Please pray to Mother Mary so that our problem will be solved. O Mother Mary please be with us. Please pray for us to Mother Mary.

Thank you - Nishant (India)

This request is for me, Michael. I am 30, I am in Rhode Island. Please pray for me and a former friend to get back together and start a relationship. I lied to her to about certain things because I was afraid of what my parents would say about our relationship. So she wouldn't be mad when I couldn't be with her. I also did something stupid and scared her. She no longer is my friend. I miss her and still love her. I also lied about those circumstances. Please pray that we can get back together and she can put that horrible image of me out of her mind. I am so sorry, I offended her and God.

Thank you - Michael (Rhode Island)

Please pray for my husband, Ernie (age 51 from Ohio). He is a wonderful husband and father. It was just discovered that he has a soft mass on his right lung and the doctors think it's cancer. He has a biopsy scheduled for tomorrow, 9/15/09. Please pray that this mass is not cancerous in the name of Jesus. He has had several miracles in the past, and we are asking yet again, for another. Twenty or so years ago, Ernie was involved in a terrible car accident. Doctors thought that he wouldn't live, and if he did live, he'd be a vegetable. Ernie was in a coma & had a severe brain injury. He came out of the coma after six weeks, and learned to walk and talk again. He has held a regular job for 17 years, and lives a normal life. Then, about 8 years ago, Ernie choked on a peanut M&M. It went down the wrong pipe. Doctors couldn't find anything in his lung, and for months Ernie got sicker and sicker. Finally the doctors agreed to do a scope on the lung & told us that they feared he had lung cancer. I brought him to a church prayer group, and they laid hands on him and prayed. That same night, Ernie coughed and coughed, and believe it or not, he coughed up the peanut from the M&M that had been stuck in his lung for months. The biopsy came back with no cancer - the peanut had caused severe scar tissue on the lung. Ernie ended up losing 2/3 of that lung. This is the same lung (it's actually a stump of 1/3 lung) that the doctors are saying has a soft mass that they think is cancer. Last Saturday, they drained 800 cc of fluid out of his lungs. He is very sick and depressed (as we, his family, are as well). Please, please pray that the mass they see is not cancer, and that the mass is nothing life threatening. I ask this in the name of Jesus. The biopsy is tomorrow (9/15), and we will get the results in 3 working days.

Thank you so much - Mary (U.S.A)

I am submitting a request for a prayer for myself. I have prayed constantly for the last three years for God to bring me and Sonya (my ex-fiance) back together but my prayers are not heard (I think) and are not answered. Now I have heard that she has found someone else. I pray for acceptance of this and for healing of my heart. God I miss her.

Thank you - Chuck (location not stated)

My name is Neethu (age 24); my future life partner is Navin (age 27). I am writting this letter from Mumbai. Navin was very caring, loving towards his family and me, had good ethic and Morales, respected elders.We have been in very good relation for 4.5 years. He was very caring to his family and me. A person with Good ethics and Morales. And always respected elder people. but he changed a lot in his behavior in the last 4 months. A friend of his named renuka came to make friendship with him last year again as due to some reasons their friendship broke 3 years back. Renuka always said to navin that he has changed a lot.he is not the friend as before.She knows that iam in my navin's life and we are going to get married. Navin gives attention to me and that he is giving attention to her she was feeling some where jealous. One day navin said me he hurted her and considers her as God.Me and his family all convinced him, but he not listening. Only god can make him understand. Due to this there was a fight at home and he said, me and his sister we are dead for him. In anger. Sir a person like Navin cannot tell all these things, because I know him very well. Sir me and his family feel like some-one is trying to separate me with Navin as some one is doing some black magic on navin. Please pray for my navin to deliver him from all the negative things and his sins and give him pure heart, also to deliver him from all the evils around him. please pray for navin to come back.as me and his family and me are in big pain and crying thinking of him. Now- a-days navin sits very quitly at home does not talk to any one, goes to office and comes back. does not go any where with friends also. please pray for me for a happy married life with my navin. Please pray to lord Jesus for navin for his transformation.we want our old Navin Back who loved and cared us a lot.I love my Navin a lot.cannot stay without him.Please pray for him for his salvation,help him to realise his mistakes and come out of the evils as a very Good Godly person. I Love my navin a lot.Please pardon my sins.Please pray for navin for his transformation.

Thank you - Neethu (India)

My name is Marie and I recently married on April 14, 2009. Upon my return to work on 4/24/09 I was told that my position was eliminated due to the economic downturn. I put my townhouse up for sale with a realtor on June 6, 2009. So far plenty of lookers but no buyers and recently someone showed interested in renting but we’ve heard nothing yet back from them as to whether they will be renting it. I am stressed out, feel like I have brought a burden into my marriage and I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I feel like a loser and not worthy of God’s help. I try to have faith but I just don’t know and I’ve become angry with God. I know God loves me, but I am so tired of being stressed out and worried currently I am getting unemployment which is taking care of the mortgage payments but this isn’t going to last. I am also angry at myself for not having rented or sold the place a year ago before the market went bust. Please pray for us and that the sale of my townhouse or someone interested in renting it as quickly as possible.

Thanks for listening - Marie (Texas)

My name is Erin (28) and my daughter (I won't publish her name, as I can't afford to be tracked right now) is 2. My ex husband was emotionally and mentally cruel to an extreme, then had an affair and walked out on us. He is now living with her, doing very crazy things, and our divorce is not final. He is horrible to our daughter. He uses her as a pawn against me and cuts off funds to her just to show me in a bad light. He is still being mentally cruel to us both. He is stalking and intimidating, and legally, there is nothing to be done about it. I also can't afford a lawyer. He's scaring me very badly, and I fear for what his cruelty will eventually do to our daughter. He doesn't want to see her, and refuses to spend more than a few non-consecutive hours per week with her unless it's ordered, but he will not let me move to be with my support system claiming he wants to spend time with her. We are very far from friends and family with the exception of his. I pray that he has a nice, prosperous, and happy life, but that he ends this divorce and leaves our daughter and me alone. I have prayed for quite some time for his heart to change and for him to start becoming decent, but he's just gotten worse and more threatening. Please pray for him to let us go.

Thank you - Erin (Location not stated)

Please help Melvin, age 59, in Montana, to stop using drugs and that he becomes the medicine man that he is supposed to be. Help him reach his life goal that God wants him to do for others. In Jesus name I pray for these things with your help dear Angels.

Thank you - Kathrine (age 54), Montana

My name is Art. I got a driving DUI. I know that sounds so so so horrible and I do Not condone driving after drinking. The situation was Not my fault and it hurts so bad. I now could lose my license for a year. I am a single, good, professional guy. I don't have anyone to drive me to work and whereverelse and it's just a nightmare. I ask you to Please pray for me that the court/city/or police dept come across a technicality and they immediately drop the charges and arrest against me. Please pray for This miracle to happen for me immediately. I promise I am honest and need this miracle to happen. I thank you so much for your kind prayers for others!!

God Bless You - Art (U.S.A.)

Please pray for my sister, Rocio, age 55, in South America, to be healed from schizophrenia.

Thanks - Duque (Location not stated)

Please pray for me, Hernan, 60 years old, in Massachusetts, for the time I have left to live, that I have back my joy, happiness, serenity, centeredness, compassion and love for me and others.

Thank you - Hernan (Massachusetts)

Dear Blessed Mother of God, i just a sinner and maybe i am not worthto ask you . But i am on my knees standing with my head bent. I hummly ask you if i may to intecrecede for me before the thrown of Allmighty Father Lord. I sincerely ask for forgiveness if i do something wrong or if i pray wrong way. But these words are from the depth of my heart. I know that i am ungratefull. Please forgive me. I thank for all blessings in my life that Lord bestowed on me. In one word i thank you for everything. There is one thing that makes me unhappy. Everybofy leaves me. The man whom i love left me and i feel lonely and not depending on my tears pouring down my cheeks against my will. I know that this is wrong. But Love is given by Heavens, i cannot just reject it. It is in my heart and i miss him so much. I want to hear his voice to see him. Our Lady, You are sinless, blessed Woman, but still you were woman of flesh. You will probably understand my pain. Your word is never denied by our Lord, please ask him for permission for me to be granted to love and be loved by Anar. I am 40 already and i have little time for love itself. Let me enjoy this feeling with him. Anyway i know that everything wil pass away sooner or later. Let ot be later. I beg You Dear Mary, in the name of your Blessed Son Jesus, please intercede for me. Give me a last chance. Last one. In the name of Jesus i am humbly asking you. I will be waiting for your answer. Out of your everlasting love for manhood and protection of us the sinners. I need him too much.

Thank you in advance - Narmina (Russian Federation)

Please pray for my brother in law Rob (age 50) who lives in Denton, Texas. He has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Peace and Blessings - Theresa (Texas)

Virgin Mary - Please ask God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help me with my issues with breathing, sleeping, anxiety and my muscle soreness that I have been experiencing throughout November. I always pray for others but ask for continued good health and to help me to overcome these minor health issues. I love you and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with all my heart.

Love - Jerry (Massachusetts)

I am praying for healing for Mitchel from Cancer and a bonding in love between Mitchel and I.

Thank you - Crystal (Minneapolis)

Pray for my son, Doug. He is 1 house payment from being caught up. His cable is being cut off and he is being laid off work. I've repeatedly told him to sign up for unemployment but he keeps procrastinating saying he'll do it later. I've made 3 of the last 6 house payments and can do no more but he just keeps pushing me. I'm on social security and now have to look for another part time job to catch myself up.

I'm so frustrated with myself and him I really don't know how to pray for this situation. Help me, please.

Thank you - Cathy (USA)

Dear Mama Mary and Jesus - Thank you for hearing my cry for saving my husbands job which he was supposed to lose because of his addiction to drinking. Mama Mary I cry out to you from my heart and soul - to break the curse of drinking on my husband Victor. Bless him with Peace of mind to do his work. Give him wisdom and understanding. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my cry. We love you Mama Mary.

Name not stated (Bahrain)
Please pray for healing to bring Mitchell and Crystal a profound Spiritual, Mental and Emotional awakening to God and each other; for the healing process of liver cancer (Mitchell) to bring us closer then ever and continue to get better and stronger every day; that God's Wisdom and Love Bonds Us together, now.

Blessings - Crystal (U.S.A.)

Virgin Mary - Please ask God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help me with my issues with breathing, sleeping, anxiety and my muscle soreness that I have been experiencing throughout November. I always pray for others but ask for continued good health and to help me to overcome these minor health issues. I love you and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with all my heart.

Love - Jerry (Massachusetts)

Please pray for Robbie (age 46) and Barb (age 51), in St. Louis, Missouri - that my financial needs are taken care of beyond what I can dream. Favor that Barb and I see, feel, appreciate and nurture the wonerful gift we have been given of our love. That we will be more connected and love deeper than we ever thought possible and we are at ease with each other knowing together is where we belong. God brought us together and I want to honor that gift by saying and doing all I can to bring Barb all the happiness she deserves so that when Barb thinks of me is with me or is having a bad day she will feel the warmth of my love and our special connection and it will put a smile on her face and heart. Barb will feel safe with me and open her heart mind and soul up to us knowing I will protect and cherish her heart and love and I will always be here for her and never let her down. We enjoy every minute we have together as a gift that only leaves us wanting more of each other and know that nothing and no one can come between us and our special love. Barb is a gift in my life as I am a gift in Barb's life that I am so grateful for and look forward to every day we get to spend together. Thank you for the gift of Barb in my life and that whenever she needs anything or is having great day I am her first thought and call. Now forever and always and so it is.

Thank you - Robbie (St. Louis)
My name is Adolph, age 52, in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. I am working for a furniture company as a sales manager. As per market situation the business is very dull. My general manager has given me warning letter saying that If I don’t produce 500.000 business this month he will terminate me from the job. I am very worried, my family is on my visa. Please pray for me, may god provide me 500.000 business and protect my job or provide me a another job.

Thank you - Adolph (United Arab Emirates)
Please pray that my wife Marina will come home before Xmas 2009. Please Pray that she will change her mind and not ask to divorce or seperate but united with me forgetting all misunderstandings and what people has said lies about me. May her heart grow in Love for Jesus and Love in Me.

Thank you - Dennis (Sri Lanka)
My Wise Queen, I am deeply afraid. A few days ago, a family friend told me about a bill that was being proposed in Uganda, a bill that would order the death of people who were gay and the imprisonment of their allies. How can this happen? I'm not mad at you, but it's terribly scary to think that someone (a lot of people) might die just for being gay. It's a characteristic, like having brown hair. Our Lord loves everyone, and I know you do, too. Please pray for them to stay safe, and pray that the leaders of Uganda have a change of heart and reconsider. Archangel Gabriel, most magnificent voice, let mercy be heard in this torn-apart land. Pray for the activists, both in uganda and everywhere. Let us know what to do. Archangel Michael, general of heaven, marshall all people to exercise compassion and charity. I'm srorry for being long-winded, I just don't know what else to do.

Thank you - Jessica (age 20) (Texas)
Please pray that my wife Marina will come home before Xmas 2009. Please Pray that she will change her mind and not ask to divorce or seperate but united with me forgetting all misunderstandings and what people has said lies about me. May her heart grow in Love for Jesus and Love in Me.

Thank you - Dennis (Sri Lanka)
Oh most Blessed Virgin Mary, please ask God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to ensure that my doctor visit this morning reveals nothing serious with my health issues (frequent urination and throat congestion). This prayer is for myself as I know that only God can make things better. In Jesus name I pray. Thank you for your intersession oh Holy Mother of God. For I love God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and you with my heart.

Thank you - Jerry (age 54) (Massachusetts)
Dear Lord God, please be right next to my brother Craig and give him his own home that he owns, his medical job to help others, and restore the mother of his child on the way to sobriety. Please God help Claudia and Craig to have permanent financial security and a safe home to live in. Please give them complete health, harmony, and your presence at all times.

Thank you - Carolyn (location not stated)
Thank you God for a favor received.

Truly - Dale (Canada)
My name is Myra, I am age 32 and I live in the Philippines.

Please pray to God for the health of my father, Ponciano. He needs help.

Thank you - Myra (Philippines)
At this moment I am crying and am in desperate need of prayer. I'm having serious health problems and recent tests indicate cancer and I'm so terrified. Please pray that God lays his loving and healing hands upon me and cleanse all disease from my body. I ask this through Jesus Christ, his son. I'm Laura and I'm 44 years old.

May God bless you - Laura (Canada)
Dearest Brothers and Sisters, my name is Rev. Sr Crispina, a Nigerian, wishing that you thank the Lord with me for His innumerable Blessings and Favours on me and my Family. Our good Lord had been gracious to us despite our unworthiness toward Him. Please help me thank the Lord!!!

Thank you - Rev. Sr. Crispina (Nigeria)
I am Steven. I am 32-years-old and I am from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I come with a pleading prayer to help be reunited with the one I truly care about. A special lady that was sent by the Lord. Help me and her get back together and be the future husband & wife in God's will. Heavenly Father God, I come to you with help of plea. I know that you brought me and the lady I love so much into my life. Someone who was unexpectedly from my grade 7 classes and then reunited after 16 years and became one on behalf of you God. Now that we are no longer together God, I know that there are other people such as so-called friends surrounding her with non-sense. The type of people that has been influencing her so much to cause the break-up. Please Lord. Please restore the relationship between Koren and myself (Steven). Help throw away the negative influences that have caused her to think that change is good. Where just being friends is just pushing away from one another. I don't want that Lord. Please God. Please help us get back on the path where we can walk to your guidance our dear God. So we can be the future husband and wife. Please Lord. Please remove those harmful memories where Koren suffered from her daughter's biological father who was the devil himself. Help her realize that I always want to protect her and wipe the tears of pain she has been going through. Help me focus until that time comes for us to reunite Lord. Lighten and soften both out hearts without any interference by the negative people. And with your guidance Lord. With your praise Lord. With your unconditional love Lord. With your blessings Lord. I pray to you with sadness and plea to help her realize that we are God's children. And God's choice to be husband & wife. Please Father with all my tears with frustration. I beg of you to help wipe them off of me and be strong again knowing that Koren and Steven are meant to be together forever with no strings attached. I am at you mercy Lord. Help her unleash the love she still has for me as I do for her. Look into her heart and prevent her from holding back on me. Help us be as one to be each other 2nd while you are our first and only Lord. And just like most people here praying and pleading to reunite with their loved ones...we all share the same plea Father God. Pray that we share the greatest bond that a man and woman can share of being married and not let anyone put us under anymore. And never to put you in 2nd place again. Please forgive us. Mostly myself. Lord, I am at your mercy. Please hear my prayer. My cries. My voice. As I hope soon to be reunited with your will in Holy Name, In Jesus I pray. Amen.

Thank you - Steven (Ontario)
I am asking for prayers to change my life for the better and bring money, happiness, new beginnings, love, prosperity, good luck and blessings. For peace in life. For blessings for family and friends. For good health, protection and abundance.

Thank you - Sabrina (Georgia, U.S.A.)
Dear Blessed Virgin Mary - Thank You for asking God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for their help with my health issues. Because of the power of God my health issues were a result of issues with my thyroid. With the help of my doctor medication is improving all of my ailments within the past 3-4 months. I thank God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with all my heart and love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for how they have helped me. And I love you for asking the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit for their help.

Love - Jerry (U.S.A.)